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It’s important that our young generation is educated in a way that will help them in practical life. Moving from the theoretical to practical methods, such educational methods must be implemented that can enrich the minds of the children.

For this purpose, Smart Games has come with an innovative way that can help reach this goal. Our vision is to open new domains for the children that can enhance their cognitive thinking. Not only it will help learn better but will also allow boosting the creative element in the children.

We make use of games that have been one of the most important parts of children’s lives for the past many years. We know how children engage themselves and enjoy games. That is why we want to utilize the engagement factor for educational promotion as well.

Educational board games

Our educational board games are designed in a way that helps children grasp educational points while enjoying themselves improving creativity will eventually lead the children to engage in problem-solving tasks. Not only will they enjoy playing these educational games, but it will also help them to grasp the concept for longer periods. Especially children that have a hard time remembering will benefit from these games in ways that no one can imagine.

Unlike our traditional educational system, we focus on collaborating and communicating with the children. These games are the best way of doing it because children love to engage in games. Making the goal to be educational will keep the children motivated and educated at the same time. Moreover, it will also help improve critical thinking that can help in problem-solving for crucial matters of their lives. We envision a better future for our young generation with these games.

board games in Pakistan

Purpose of Gamification in education

What is gamification?

Gamification is defined as The use of  Game-Based  Mechanics. Aesthetics and game-thinking to engage people, Motivate action, promote learning and solve  problems. 
Game makes  us aware of our environment. Key elements of games are goals, rules, challenges, competition, cooperation and interaction. Games generally involve mental and physical stimulation. Many Games help developed practical skills, serve as a  form of exercise, or otherwise perform and educational, simulations psychological role.

Mission of Smart Games Academy

The Smart Games Academy mission is to provide the students  of new generation with the new ways of learning wish makes easy and fun for them

Vision of Smart Games Academy

The Vision of Smart Games Academy is to provide strategies to the teachers to help oue students get more engaged and energetic and can understand the clear concept for the lifelong learning . The Aim of Smart Games Academy is to develop Skills in the students which include.


Founder of Smart Games Academy

He is an enthusiastic and ambitious educationist, who has developed a passion towards learning by doing. He is a PTCC Certified teacher and pursuing his B.Ed. (Hons). He believes in hands-on learning. He is trained in ARDUINO and took active participation in National and International Competitions. Read More


  • Thomas Edison Silver Medal Award from International Kangaroo Science Contest 2019
  • Best Trainer Appreciation Award in Trainers & Speakers Conference
  • Best Teacher Award at International Teachers’ Day by Noor ul Huda Education
  • Global Education Leader 2021 Award by International Council for Educators
  • GTA Global Education Ambassador Award 2021 by Global Trainer Academy.
  • National Community Member of Global Education Network
  • Member of International Council for Educators
  • Executive Member of Pakistan Education Development Association
  • Executive Board Member of Global Trainer Academy

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