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Smart Games Academy is an innovative step that has been taken to change the educational methods of our country. Moving away from the traditional means of teaching, our team of experts has come up with activity and gaming based learning methods.

These methods have been recognized worldwide as potential growth enhancers for young children’s cognitive ability. Our team here recognized the potential in these methods and deemed it necessary to introduce it in our education system.

From various experimentation and research analysis, we came up with a game based learning system. This system has a variety of perks, including:

  • It is cost effective
  • Low physical risk
  • Immediate feedback,
  • The learner is actively engaged,
  • Highly motivated,
  • Formative assessments become students more competent
  • Easily transforms learning into a real world environment.
  • Possibility of self-correction
  • Prior Knowledge can be helpful
  • Sound Foundation of concept will make learner at the mastery level instead of backing up
smart games academy

Based on these advantages, our team created the Smart Games Academy so that children can engage in education with gaming activities. Our aim is to offer a flourishing environment to children so that they may be motivated towards educational progress. We want to enhance the cognitive ability of the children, creating a zeal among the youth that would encourage them to pursue higher education.

Our members hold years of experience in the educational domain, making them knowledgeable of the problems our education system has. This is the reason why Smart Games Academy was established so that the young generation can improve in their educational progress with a completely unique approach.

While our games focus on cognitive development, we keep communicating and collaborating with the children to ensure maximum progress. We’re dedicated to creating a proper future for our children and our country, and Smart Games Academy is the foundation of this progressive future.

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